Levitra. Impotence is not!

It turns out that for a normal erection in the penis must be a certain amount of nitrogen oxide. It is this substance helps to relax the muscles in the cavernous body of the penis is filled with blood. That is the amount of nitrogen oxide and controls Levitra. Once the brain receives a signal to initiate, under the influence of Levitra increases the amount of nitrogen oxide and provided with normal conditions for the erection.

Begins "work" Levitra is very fast, within a quarter of an hour, sometimes twenty-five minutes. It is safe to call "emergency sexual help." And it works to four - five hours. It seems that time is not too long, but it is sufficient to meet the ardent passion.

Why should you take Levitra if there are drugs acting to fifteen days in a row? The fact that Levitra can help those men whose impotence is caused by diabetes, obesity or severe form of hypertension. These patients are, unfortunately, it becomes more and more. And not all drugs for erectile dysfunction help in such cases. In addition, according to some scientists, Levitra acts more strongly than the other drugs in this group. That is why Levitra is effective when other drugs are powerless to help.

Levitra have sufficiently high efficiency. According to the clinical trials of the drug, ninety percent of male subjects between the ages of twenty to seventy-seven years, significantly improved erections as a result of receiving an average dose of Levitra.

If you choose Levitra to combat erectile dysfunction, do not take it together with a fatty meal. The fats contained in the food, preventing Levitra assimilate, and the gap between the intake and the onset of action can be lengthened indefinitely. But Levitra can be safely taken together with alcohol. This does not affect the action of the drug.

In Levitra there are other advantages of this drug provokes almost no side effects. The rest of this group of drugs often cause headaches, temporary blindness or loss of coordination.

In no case do not take Levitra together with drugs containing nitrates should not independently appoint a Levitra. Since this drug has a sufficient number of contraindications.

If you decide to buy Levitra or another drug to treat erectile dysfunction, should not be too much trust in the Internet. Japanese sociologists conducted a count among buyers of Levitra and other drugs of the same action. It was found that fifty-five percent of Levitra purchased through online pharmacies Japanese consumers, it was, unfortunately, falsified.

The danger of such counterfeits that the active ingredient may be greater than normal. And it can cause serious harm to your health. But there was such Levitra, which does not present the active ingredient. Therefore, the acquisition of these drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction over the Internet should be treated with special attention and care. It is advisable to visit this doctor and stock up appointment and exact dosage. Before use, you need to consult with a specialist.